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A YPL Success Story!

A Success Story!

Our teacher Wendy told us about one of the students: “One of our successes is Henry Catzin who is currently a sixth grader, and has been with us for two years. He is a very respectful child - shy, sincere, and loving. His parents cannot read or write. He has tried hard but struggles with his economic and social environment. His parents work long days as they strive to give him everything. They live comfortably but work most of the time and that is why he is practically alone in solving his academic needs. I am impressed with how he solves his problems and is the person who deals with his school teacher on WhatsApp. His questions and information requests demonstrate a student who has improved understanding, he expresses himself better, and is no longer so insecure.

In YPL it is the parents who come to collect the books and worksheets. In Henry’s case, he is the one who picks up his books and things. During this time he has the opportunity to explain his concerns to me. Henry is dyslexic, a learning disorder which takes a long time and much repetitive work to rectify - that’s why he has spent so much time learning. He was about to leave the program this term because he didn’t know how to solve the problem of taking distance classes. But, when we spoke with his mother, we resolved the situation and he continues to study with us. This showed me that the parents do offer all the support they can. And, I want to mention that the parents comply with their ten pesos a month materials fee and participate in the cleaning of the school. This new modality has been difficult for parents since now they must now work directly with the student - but, at the same time, it gives them an opportunity to get involved in the activities.

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Feb 03, 2021

What a fabulous story and a terrific child! His parents should be proud of all that they do for him!

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