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Yo Puedo Leer / I Can Read

Our reading program, Yo Puedo Leer / I Can Read (YPL) works with elementary and middle school students who are struggling with reading and comprehension. Knowing this to be the foundation of education in any field, Telchac Education is strongly committed to helping these students succeed!

YPL is our only division with paid staff. Our director, Wendy, is a licensed psychologist and is helped by 2 paid teachers. Operations costs for this program total $5,000US per year.

We currently have 45 students who are all in primary school - ages 6-11. Classes are held Monday - Thursday for 1 hour in the afternoon at La Taraya. La Taraya, which is also the generous host of our very popular summer camp program, where reading is combined with arts and crafts, swimming, and games.

The YPL staff regularly holds book fairs to raise funds. These are very successful with books in Spanish - both for adults and children - being sold at affordable prices. We’re all pleased to be able to encourage reading at all levels within the community.

This program has seen students go from being the “class problem” students to the honor roll when reading “clicked". Please consider donating/sponsoring to help Telchac grow!

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