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Feliz Navidad from Telchac Education!

Seasons greetings and a quick update:

Schools in Mexico have been closed since March of 2020 and are not expected to re-open until at least September of 2021. Students are taking classes online on platforms such as ZOOM, or watching their classes on TV, or their parents are picking up schoolwork at the schools each week and sending in Whatsapp messages of photos of the completed work. Due to this virtual school year, we did not have to buy any uniforms, shoes, or backpacks, and only minimal school supplies.

After studying virtually for 3.5 months, we met with the students to see what they needed so that they could continue to study, get good grades, and stay in the program. They requested:

1) internet antennae (1,700 pesos) for internet access;

2) help paying the monthly fees for internet, which is $300 pesos a month;

3) tablets for $2000 pesos each; and,

4) TV's for primary students to watch classes, (about 3,000 pesos each).

We are happy to say that we were able to fulfill these needs using their sponsors’ funding!

Telchac Education wishes all a happy, HEALTHY, and prosperous New Year.

Here’s to 2021 being the start of new beginnings!

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